Scientifically scale the ROI behind your marketing efforts.

Get clarity on the true ROI of every media channel, tactic, and return on ad spend without requiring heavy ad investments.

Battle-tested marketing mix modeling takes the guesswork out of decision making.

Go beyond dashboards to answer critical ad hoc questions.

Real-time insights, delivered in seconds.

Finetooth automatically feeds all marketing and sales data in real-time to produce reports in seconds.

Reveal Marketing-to-Profit Impact

Every QBR and pipeline review becomes more consistent and productive—totally focused on strategic actions that drive the business forward.

Think analytically, without doing any analysis.

The days of making decisions based on stale data or intuition are over. Quickly build models with AI and machine learning to find patterns, identify risk and make forward-looking predictions.

Military-Grade Security

Finetooth is powered by industry-standard technologies and data encryption, ensuring enterprise-grade reliability, security and data protection for our customers. Secure & Privacy Compliant, Including CCPA, GDPR.